Class No:
Class Number 1; attended on: 2004-12-01
For this log, direction will be defined like a compass rose - facing forward is north (N). Today we started with the opening of the form: (Preparation):: Face N, v-feet,100-right,slide out left tow down, turn hips to NE (points left foot forward). Transition 100-left/right heel touching. Turn hips back to N (points right foot forward). Come 50-50. Hands start at open. Then: (Opening):: from shoulder-width stance, wrists raise to shoulder, fingers spread, wrists retreat to arm pits to open chest then descend. First Posture: (Ward Off Left):: 100-left, right heel, rotate right to E, beach ball hands (right hand above), transfer forward to 100-right/front stance, roll forward to left toe remaining. Then open left knee, rotate back to NE. Step forward left heel. Transfer weight to front stance, right descending palm down, left arcs wrist lead to chest center. Complete facing turn to N, front stance left foot and facing front.
Worked on "finding the hole", goal is to get two points on body and push. Chris points: push when in the center. Push hands single hand and double hand, one hand on elbow lightly - don't grab elbow.
Double-hand shove:: rising wrists to block (the form opening). Round house punch:: ward off posture but need more details. In Ward Off Left right hand position is similar to Wing Chun guan sao
First class! Some history, good explanations from Sifu Pekor. Chris liked class. Some classmates: Bob, Steve, Simon, Jared, Kurt. And so it begins... I am, once again, a white belt - oops, white sash.

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