More Excel Sauce

Outlook VBA loads ThumbsUp and Smile PNG's from disk to new Email Messages with the ThisOutlookSession module:
Sub InsertThumbsUp() 
    InsertImage "ThumbsUp.png" 
End Sub 

Sub InsertSmile() 
    InsertImage "Smile.png" 
End Sub 

Private Sub InsertImage(ByVal imageName As String) 
    ' Specify the path to the emoji image 
    Dim imagePath As String 
    imagePath = "C:\emoji\" & imageName 
    ' Check if the image file exists 
    If Dir(imagePath) = "" Then 
        MsgBox "Image file not found: " & imagePath, vbExclamation 
        Exit Sub 
    End If 
    ' Insert the image into the email body 
    Dim inspector As Outlook.inspector 
    Set inspector = Application.ActiveInspector 
    If Not inspector Is Nothing And inspector.CurrentItem.Class = olMail Then 
        ' Check if the active item is a MailItem 
        Set pic = inspector.WordEditor.InlineShapes.AddPicture(imagePath) 
        MsgBox "Please open a new email or reply to an email to insert the image.", vbExclamation 
    End If 
End Sub

......then customize the Ribbon on New Email Messages:
First and Last Day of the current month using the DATESERIAL function (with zero for the last day)
    thisDate = Date
    firstDay = DateSerial(Year(thisDate), Month(thisDate), 1)
    lastDay = DateSerial(Year(thisDate), Month(thisDate) + 1, 0)

Convert dates using thisdate above to IBM DB2 date format CYYMMDD where C=1 (2000's current millennium)
    fromdate = ((Year(firstDay) - 1900) * 10000) + (Month(firstDay) * 100) + Day(firstDay)
    todate = ((Year(lastDay) - 1900) * 10000) + (Month(lastDay) * 100) + Day(lastDay)