My Music

I am an amateur musician with 25+ years of experience with live gigs in bar bands. My stage presence over the years has been spent singing vocals and playing bass or keyboards. Since 2015, I am retired from the "4:00am bar band" life and enjoy recording my own cover-song music videos instead. Here is my repertiore...

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

by Queen with:
  • Guitarist Anastasiya Gaman (Ukraine)
  • Drummer Lorenzo Poliandri (Italy)

Have You Ever Seen The Rain

by Creedence Clearwater Revival with:
  • Drummer Lorenzo Poliandri (Italy)

Jesus Just Left Chicago

by ZZ Top with:
  • Drummer Lorenzo Poliandri (Italy)
  • Lead Guitarist Ullrich Ellison (Turkey)

One Headlight

by The Wallflowers with:
  • Lead Guitarist  Silverio Simioni (Brazil)
  • Recording Artist Heather Weissinger - acoustic guitar & backing vocals (Nashville, USA)


by Matchbox Twenty with:
  • um......... just me (my first video). This was more of a test than anything else lol.
Thanks for watching!