My Music

I am an amateur musician with 25+ years of experience with live gigs in bar bands. My stage presence over the years has been spent singing vocals and playing bass or keyboards. Since 2020, I am retired from the "4:00am bar band" life and record cover-song music videos instead. My desire is to collaborate with other musicians across the country and around the world. Here is my repertiore...

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

by Queen with:
  • Guitarist Anastasiya Gaman (Ukraine)
  • Drummer Lorenzo Poliandri (Italy)

Have You Ever Seen The Rain

by Creedence Clearwater Revival with:
  • Drummer Lorenzo Poliandri (Italy)

Jesus Just Left Chicago

by ZZ Top with:
  • Drummer Lorenzo Poliandri (Italy)
  • Lead Guitarist Ullrich Ellison (Turkey)

One Headlight

by The Wallflowers with:
  • Lead Guitarist  Silverio Simioni (Brazil)
  • Recording Artist Heather Weissinger - acoustic guitar & backing vocals (Nashville, USA)


by Matchbox Twenty with:
  • um......... just me (my first video). This was more of a test than anything else lol.
Thanks for watching!